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“Everything is connected to everything else: that is the first law of ecology.” 

—Barry Commoner

The TUNNEL FUNNEL is a tiered wetland installation inspired by the Rube Goldberg-Machine system now on view at the East Boston and Nubian Square branches of the Boston Public Libary.

A three-part raised rain garden, it mimics and highlights the ecological processes happening above and below ground in nearby rain gardens at both Nubian Square and East Boston libraries. Three-tier geometric pentagonal house-like planters will interact with each other to show the water filtration process of planting, soils, and rocks, visible through plexiglass windows. The installation encourages Bostonians to consider the role that various ecological communities – Meadow Grasses, Fern & Moss, Glade, and Wetland – act as important green infrastructure which mitigate flooding, heat, and biodiversity loss. The work is part of the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanic’s 2023 Public Space Invitational and is generously funded by the City of Boston.

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